Payments by BRAVO

Why do we use BRAVO as a way for payments?

CraftedBodyDirect respects and appreciates your right to keep your payment information private and secure. With that in mind, we utilize BRAVO Tip or Pay © to process payments. As seen on the hit show Shark Tank ©, BRAVO Tip or Pay is a leader in secure payment transactions using blockchain technology to keep your payment information safe and secure.  Please take a moment to watch the videos and easily set up your BRAVO Tip or Pay account.

Before Crafted Body Direct can ship your order, you'll need to submit payment through BRAVO.

The Payment Process

  1. Submit your order
  2. Grab your phone and open the BRAVO Tip or Pay App
  3. Search CraftedBodyDirect Official and select
  4. Enter in order payment amount and hit send
  5. Once confirmed your order will be processed